Spotify Sparks London

What We Were Proving.

Spotify is the leader for audience engagement, creativity and culture. Their offering makes them a must-buy partner.

Proof Platform.

An event for the advertiser audience to emphasise the full power of the Spotify ecosystem.

How we proved it.

As Spotify’s production partner, we were tasked with transforming the venue to create two distinct spaces: a plenary space and a networking area. Touch points throughout spotlighted different product features and playlists such as Jam, Mixes and daylist.
We used foliage design, graphics, bespoke fabrication and styling to create a cohesive and premium space to support the Spotify Sparks programme.
Upon entry, guests walked straight into our networking garden, where foliage, styling, graphics and bespoke fabrication combined to create a space for conversation with new and old connections over a drink or a bite to eat.
An eclectic mix of furniture and styling allowed us to break away from the norm of ‘conference seating’ and transform the main plenary space into a lounge setting for over 160 guests.