Pinterest: Cannes in Cairns

What We Were Proving.

Pinterest’s trend predictions and commercial offering are second to none, through activating their sponsorship of the B&T Cannes in Cairns Conference.

Proof Platform.

A beautiful hub to excite, inspire and entertain friends of Pinterest.

How We Proved It.

We built a beautiful space for networking and relaxing, while activating a number of exciting Pinterest experiences.

We brought in tennis champion Ash Barty as the opening keynote speaker at the conference, showcased delicious Ancestral Eats food stations at the Pinterest welcome event which was renamed ‘Pinchella’ and also created a magical dinner under the stars on the beachfront of NuNu restaurant with acclaimed chef Nick Holloway. 


The Proof.

The experience delivered a huge 95% increase in consideration of Pinterest as an ads platform and a further 85% increase in purchase intent. 

27 follow up meetings were generated, with revenue potential paying for the activation and then some!

“An enormous thank you to the partnership team Park! The best in the biz, we could never have pulled this off without you, and the amazing work you do. Thank you so much.”

Meg Montgomery, Pinterest Business lead ANZ

“We’re so proud of the ASICS Upliftford campaign and the incredible transformation we achieved in Retford. Not only did the experiment prove that movement can really uplift minds, the reach of the campaign and impact on market share and purchasing intent exceeded our expectations.”

Caroline Fisher, Communications Director, ASICS EMEA