The Kentucky Club

What We Were Proving.

KFC’s youth employability initiative, Hatch, is giving every young person a fair shot at a first job.

Proof Platform.

The Kentucky Club.

How We Proved It.

A Birmingham venue was transformed into an inclusive members’ club in a multi-faceted event to launch The Kentucky Club, an evolution of KFC’s youth employability initiative, Hatch. For one day only,  young people, no matter their background, were invited to attend and gain access to opportunities and experiences that they may not have been afforded otherwise. All completely free.

The day consisted of a programme of talks and workshops on the Main Stage, which was punctuated by break out time, in which young people could participate in speed mentoring, chat to partner organisations, pick up customised merchandise, posters and more.

The young people walked away from the inaugural Kentucky Club event with not only an armful of goodies and a KFC feed, but also some extra inspiration and hopefully confidence for landing their first job.


The Proof.

100% of the attendees enjoyed The Kentucky Club event and would like to attend another event in the future. 

74% of the attendees felt they had picked up new skills. 

81% felt more prepared for their first job. 

“It was such a joy to witness all the young people genuinely enjoying the content, activity, food and all the fun; but it was even better knowing that every single detail had been meticulously thought through – and you had the young people at the heart of everything you did. A HUGE thank you for making the event the success that it was.”

Shaffra Gray – Read, Senior Reputation Manager, KFC UK & Ireland 

“We’re so proud of the ASICS Upliftford campaign and the incredible transformation we achieved in Retford. Not only did the experiment prove that movement can really uplift minds, the reach of the campaign and impact on market share and purchasing intent exceeded our expectations.”

Caroline Fisher, Communications Director, ASICS EMEA