H&M Store Launches

What We Were Proving.

H&M stores embrace locality, humility and champion individuality.

Proof Platform.

The Fabric Of: A collaboration with local creatives to launch a number of new H&M stores. 

How We Proved It.

We created a multi-media ad campaign that was directed, styled and shot by an emerging local photographer, Jada Giwa.

We then collaborated with 5 other local creatives; a set designer, florist, graphic designer and make-up artist, to shape the campaign and in-store experience including 3 interactive creative in-store masterclasses, free for H&M Members.

 The Proof.

Sales from launch weekend far exceeded client targets. In fact the campaign was so successful, it’s now being rolled out across a further 5 store launches this year in Glasgow, Derby, Dublin and H&M’s London flagship store on Regent Street.

“We’re so proud of the ASICS Upliftford campaign and the incredible transformation we achieved in Retford. Not only did the experiment prove that movement can really uplift minds, the reach of the campaign and impact on market share and purchasing intent exceeded our expectations.”

Caroline Fisher, Communications Director, ASICS EMEA