Football Beyond Borders 

What We Were Proving.

There are many societal barriers preventing teenage girls from being able to play football. 

Proof Platform.

An immersive experience in a high footfall inner-city location where we could target people with an interest in football and money to spare. We aimed to insert the life of a teenage girl’s experiences with football into the hearts of the public in London, during the Women’s World Cup.

How We Proved It.

The experience ran over two days in London’s King’s Cross and was staffed by young people that had been through the programmes. Only they truly know the barriers faced, and only they could deliver the messages so we wanted to employ them as opposed to generic promotional staff. They accompanied participants through the experience and told their individual story.

The experience featured four areas:


  1. Break barriers
  2. Where change happens
  3. Pathway to potential
  4. New era New game

The Proof.

Our aims were to increase awareness and donations, and we achieved both.

Over 275,000 people were exposed to the experience over two days in King’s Cross.

Using the experience as a base for PR coverage led to over 450 pieces of coverage including ITV News 6PM bulletin, Sky Sports and BBC News.

Most important of all, £59k+ has been raised so far. This will provide sufficient funding for 128 girls to receive a full year’s worth of support from FBB’s award-winning programme in schools, providing access to classroom and football sessions focused on developing key social, emotional and life skills and therapeutic mentoring.

This activation, delivered in partnership with The Park, was a first for FBB. We’ve held high-profile events at the Tottenham Stadium with hundreds of guests, but to see our young people lead conversations with the public about the impact that football had on their lives was really inspiring. The two-day pop up saw us engage with thousands of people from across the UK in one of the busiest commuter areas of the city. The exposure, relationships and media packages that came with the experiential will help us to achieve our mission of transforming the lives of young people through football for many years to come.”

Ceylon Andi Hickman, Director of External Comms, FBB 

“We’re so proud of the ASICS Upliftford campaign and the incredible transformation we achieved in Retford. Not only did the experiment prove that movement can really uplift minds, the reach of the campaign and impact on market share and purchasing intent exceeded our expectations.”

Caroline Fisher, Communications Director, ASICS EMEA